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Manufacturers of ultralight gyroplanes



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American Autogyro In February, 2003, GBA formed American Autogyro, to produce gyroplanes for the “kit-built” market. American Autogyro’s two-place Sparrow Hawk Gyroplane is also offered as a complete, turn-key aircraft in an Airborne Patrol Vehicle (APV) model.


Autogyro MT-03  Die Robustheit und die Alltagstauglichkeit des Autogyro-MT03 sind beeindruckend. Insbesondere Flugschulen, die täglich mit Ihren Maschinen arbeiten, schätzen dies.


Bensen Gyro - Copters In the 1950s Bensen Aircraft Corporation exploded upon the sport aviation scene with their ground-breaking "Gyrocopters" and "Gyrogliders


Butterfly Gyroplane

The Butterfly Gyroplane is a modern design with many safety components available. The components include Centerline Thrust, a large Horizontal Stabilizer, the G-Force Landing Gear, the Metro Launch System, and the Gyro Recovery System. Most of these components are patented or patent pending.


Carter Aviation Technologies Carter Aviation Technologies is a research and development company, pioneering new aviation concepts.


Dominator The Dominator has helped Boyette's company, Rotor Flight Dynamics, establish many pertinent new safety features which are becoming standard for the gyro industry worldwide


ELA AVIACION, S.L. ELA Aviacion, S.L. Company is dedicated to aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. Our nine years of experience in the sector make us the Spain's biggest ultralight manufacturers and the only Spanish company to make autogyros. Both are made according to our own designs. We were recently awarded a type certificate by the Spanish Civil Aviation Board.


Groen Brothers Aviation Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc. (GBA) is engaged in the business of designing and developing new high performance gyroplanes and gyrodynes using advanced technology and modern aerospace design methods. USA
Gyroplane Gyroplanes  of  Company " AEROMECHANICS "


HTC/Autogyro MT-03 autogyro Germany
Joe Souza Gyroplanes If you've always dreamed of owning and flying your own aircraft, the Bandit gyroplane will fulfill your dream like no other aircraft!


Little Wing Autogyros The Little Wing Autogyro was developed to fill the void in the sport aviation field for a traditional, tractor configured autogyro. These aircraft combine certificated aircraft type construction with the inherent flight qualities found only in the autorotating rotor.


Magni Gyro Magni Gyro company, born from Vittorio Magni’s deep knowledge and passion for the rotating wing systems, nowadays has a quite important role in the world of gyros Italy
Merlin Autogyros Welcome to the world of gyroplanes, one of the safest, affordable and most exciting ways to fly in this country England
Sportcopter Sport Copter is a second generation family business (since 1958).
Building the worlds finest gyroplanes has been the sole function of the company


UFO HeliThruster Ultimate Flying Options (UFO) is proud to introduce a new generation in personal rotary wing aircraft that offers an unbeatable combination of design features, safety, performance, and affordability

New Zealand

Xenon Gyroplanes Xenon was designed by French aircraft designer Raphael Celier and is now being manufactured in our own factory in Poland.


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