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Composite rotors for gyrocopters

  are flight ready when you receive them

  require only to keep the surface clean and free from insect splatters

  do not have a limited life as normally associated with aluminum rotors

  weigh more than aluminum rotors and this allows for more stored energy for autorotations

  their high inertia accounts for a good deal of the safety, predictability and forgiveness

  have higher durability and damage resistance

  give the ability to optimize the efficiency of an element by orienting the fibers in directions that are most appropriate

  are "born-in" to their aerodynamic shape, and don't have the inherent internal stresses that metal blades have

  their tooling and fabrication techniques are relatively expensive and difficult to master, but the resulting rotor is superior in all areas

 Technical information

  •  Diameter set 7.60 m or 8.40 m

  •  Airfoil NACA 8H12

  •  Chord 203 mm

  •  Weight for 7.6 m 30 kg / for 8.4 m 36 kg


 Lifetime warranty

 If at any time and for any reason you would like your blades inspected, balanced or tracked, we will professionally perform any or all of these for you free of charge. Your sole responsibility will be to arrange for the delivery to us and subsequent return to you of your blade system.

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